Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mountain House- Case Study


                In this Case study I had the opportunity to watch and review a commercial I felt was interesting and was close to my Heart. As an avid outdoors men I looked at a product that I would use while out on my adventures. This product was Mountain House a freeze dried, self-stable product that all you need to make is water. Freeze dried food is the process of sublimation which is converting a solid into a gas.

                What makes this product so unique is the quality and process that goes into each meal. These meals are cooked in house the processed. Unlike most competitors the blend dry ingredients together. This is what I feel sets this product out from the rest. The taste and variety surpass any competitor products. Over the years I have seen new product lines and as the new products come out they get better and better. I have had many opportunity to see the process that it takes to create a new product with lots of testing and sensory to find the one product that everyone wants.
               In conclusion this is a product that has survived over 50 year. Today the company is still moving forward with great success in every department. OFD FOODS prides themselves in make a safe quality product that can be used in many was form your typical outdoor backpacking adventures to a disaster that can disrupt an entire nation. OFD FOODS Value is to feed and comfort in a time of need. I will leave you with on statement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mountain House freeze dry food- Social Listening

Your out hiking, possible over night trip or just a day hike.You want to pack light and make sure you have all the necessity if you have to camp. But what do you pack for food? I myself pack Mountain House . Its a light weight delicious tasting product that made right here in Oregon. to prepare all need is hot water and a utensil to eat it with. Mountain House product has built great values with producing a safe, quality product that people can trust. this has taken years over 50 years to be exact to accomplish the trust and respect of their valuable customers.

But what do other people have to say about this fantastic product?

Hunting The World With Larry Hatter These are the best! All I had to eat on my moose hunt of a lifetime where I took a 65 inch bull! Forever grateful to Mountain House!

Steven Hunt Beef stroganoff is me and my sons favorite dinner choice on the trail! Breakfast skillet in a wrap to start the day is yummy too!! Thanks for making such great products!!!

Ben Barbash Your products are phenomenal. My family and I bring them on every backpacking trip we take. We've tried many companies, yours is the best by far. Thank you!!

With so many positive feedback's it would be difficult to keep moving forward and bringing new idea. This may cause customers to be discourage to any new idea. So this would be a risk to bringing new items and new ideas. I can say this though. that just recently we started a marketing department to market our product. I feel that this is a huge step in marketing from once was more word of mouth to now being publicized. But with the continuing improvements and the new products that are developed each year it keeps the customers wounding.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Marketing Topic #2

          While I was searching through commercials I realized what I was looking for. something different out of the ordinary something you think you would never see on an add. Well I found that add. Something with drive, determination, and inspiration to inspire the uninspired.
         In most Nike adds you find physically fit athletes doing what they do best. But in this case you find an ordinary person not physically fit not the most athletic motivating himself to be the best he can be and to never give up. This add caught my attention cause it was not a normal Nike add you would see. Being so simple and ordinary made it a remarkable add. I feel the add would be the Purple Cow that Seth Godin talks about. The plain ordinary cow would be your typical Nike add with Athletes competing and showing the brand, but this add a simple person just jogging raise questions as to why, what, where.
          As i went from Add to Add never finishing a full add because they all seemed similar, but this one caught my eye.The simplicity of the add was remarkable to me showing me that it the simple things in life that can caught someones eye and hold there attention. But wait is it really Simple? Is what may have been simple in the past not so simple or ordinary in the future. What I take from this is that nothing can stop anyone from what drives them to become who they are.

Marketing Topic #1

          This term I will be taking two business course to help work toward completing my associates degree at Linn Benton Community College.One of these classes is Principle of Marketing. I felt this would be a great opportunity to see how important the marketing side to a business is. I plan to graduate with my associate in Business Management and supervision and  then move on to Oregon State University to finish with a bachelor degree in business. I am interest in learning great technique in marketing and different strategies that are effective in the industry I currently work in.
          I am a huge outdoor enthusiast. I love hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. Last summer I spent most of my time on the ocean fishing. About four years ago i found a passion in bow hunting and have fell in love with this.

Thank you for reading,

Todd Totten