Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mountain House- Case Study


                In this Case study I had the opportunity to watch and review a commercial I felt was interesting and was close to my Heart. As an avid outdoors men I looked at a product that I would use while out on my adventures. This product was Mountain House a freeze dried, self-stable product that all you need to make is water. Freeze dried food is the process of sublimation which is converting a solid into a gas.

                What makes this product so unique is the quality and process that goes into each meal. These meals are cooked in house the processed. Unlike most competitors the blend dry ingredients together. This is what I feel sets this product out from the rest. The taste and variety surpass any competitor products. Over the years I have seen new product lines and as the new products come out they get better and better. I have had many opportunity to see the process that it takes to create a new product with lots of testing and sensory to find the one product that everyone wants.
               In conclusion this is a product that has survived over 50 year. Today the company is still moving forward with great success in every department. OFD FOODS prides themselves in make a safe quality product that can be used in many was form your typical outdoor backpacking adventures to a disaster that can disrupt an entire nation. OFD FOODS Value is to feed and comfort in a time of need. I will leave you with on statement.

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